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Fences - Fence Styles For Large Properties

Published: 04/10/2011

Because of the expense of materials and construction, large properties often go without a fence. But there are options that bring fencing down to an affordable level.

A simple post and rail design is inexpensive to build. With fewer materials the cost is lower. It's also simple enough that anyone can build it without professional help. Hiring it done will still be relatively cheap, though, since the design allows for quick construction.

A post and rail design won't keep small animals out, but this fence design can still be highly useful. Larger animals like deer and horses can easily be kept at bay. Pedestrians will be much more reluctant to walk onto property that is fenced, even when the large gap makes it easy. Drivers see clearly where the property line is and the opening shows them where the driveway is located.

For those who have a need to keep cattle, sheep or horses penned within or kept outside there are several alternatives. A simple post and wire design is a take-off on the post and rail style. One variation involves laying a top wire that is electrified. The voltage isn't enough to cause serious harm, but it shocks enough that the animals soon learn to stay back.

Chain link continues to be a popular choice. For very large properties it can cost several thousand dollars to surround the entire perimeter. But many large properties are also bounded by small streams or ponds, hills and other natural terrain that can make the cost affordable.

A variation on the chain link is the fabric mesh fence. Despite the name, they're not necessarily cloth. Usually made of high grade composites, they're nonetheless often a cost-effective alternative to traditional chain link fences.

Some are as simple as a plastic diamond that will create a border, provide some privacy and prevent small animals from making their way easily through. While creatures can chew through, they often will simply go away.

Other types are more cloth-like and give complete privacy at a much lower cost than, say, a shoulder-to-shoulder wood fence. They have the additional advantage of decreasing dust for those who live on dirt roads or near an open field. They can help reduce wind damage to gardens, too.

For those with the need, and a higher budget, a full fence is still possible. If it's possible to sacrifice some sturdiness, a lattice style - like a waffle or cleft - is an option. They're a familiar sight in gardens where they look like basket weave. A four-foot fence of this type can enclose a couple of acres at a reasonable cost.

Privacy, security and animal control are all possible even for those with a large perimeter and a limited budget. Fencing options today are as broad as your property.